The Synopsis

HIV is the least of interior designer Jeffrey Sweet’s problems. Far from sick, he just acts that way, as a lifetime of lying catches up with him in this unexpected comedy about coming to grips when everything around you is falling apart.

In a misguided effort to placate his conservative father, Jeffrey feigns engagement to his best friend and client the wealthy Chicago socialite, Audrey Bellows. Of course, no one is buying it, including a Gold Coast call girl who blackmails Jeffrey into letting her join his fledgling design firm. She also happens to share several of Jeffrey’s clients. Even more awkwardly, Jeffrey’s brother is one of them!

The surprises pile up, culminating in the unlikely foursome taking a road trip to Wisconsin for the old man’s 80th birthday party. Jeffrey and his entourage not only meet the parents and assorted locals but they must also face up to the truth.

Whatever can go wrong does go wrong and in the end a 40-year-old gay man finally learns what everyone else has known all along: himself.


One Response to The Synopsis

  1. SRP says:

    Thanks, Ben, for the edits. Made one change already but am sticking with “grips” line.
    I do use editors and w/ social media my readers can offer up changes as well…

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