Contest Rules

Create the book’s cover. Win my Ipad!

-First things first. Examine the synopsis and/or start reading the novel’s chapters.

-You may submit your design(s) anytime via JPEG or PDF to  (Book size is roughly 6″ x 9″ but exact specs not required. Remaining sleeve design and back cover will be created after winner is chosen.)

-Designs may be illustration or photography.

-No more than two designs per person may be submitted.

-Your design must be legally usable by me any way I see fit: book cover, advertisements, publicity, website, etc…

-Your cover design will be posted on this blog under “Your Cover Art” in header, as will any biographical information and links that you provide.

-The contest runs until just after last chapter is published. Exact date TBD.

-Winners will be chosen by guest jury (TBD) and myself. Comments to the blog will play a roll. Your opinions are encouraged in comments forum.

If you have questions, please write me at the above email address. Please share the link with your friends, especially the gay ones 😉 If you have insecurities, get over them. I did. Good luck!


One Response to Contest Rules

  1. Claudio Venturini is my favorite thus far and it is characteristic of your other book covers. Bryant Benoit’s has the most character.

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