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My third novel, Sweet by Design -about a gay interior decorator in a heap of trouble- is now ready for publication. While that process takes time, I’ve decided to publish the story right here, by chapters. In addition, I want you to design the book’s cover!

Since many readers of my blog, Gods of Advertising are members of the art and advertising community, it’s only fitting to see what brilliant design concepts they (you) will come up with. Who better to do it?

For my previous two novels, I used designs created by former colleagues and the results were fantastic. Designer, Marian Williams made the cover for my first book, The Last Generation. Several years later, designer, Justin Cox created one for my second novel, The Happy Soul Industry. (His design became a finalist for the da Vinci Eye, a design award given out in conjunction with the Eric Hoffer Book Award.) A win-win, both designers got unusual pieces for their portfolios and I got killer book covers.

So, why am I opening it up to the “crowd?”

1)   Unlike with my previous books, I haven’t a clue what to do for a cover. It’s a quirky novel (more on that below) and I’m at a loss for a design concept.

2)   I’m interested in crowd sourcing: how it works or doesn’t. No better way to find out than by trying it myself.

3)   Publicity. It’s not like I’m a well-known author. Any buzz a contest engenders can only help the book’s cause.

4)   It’s art. Depending on the response, I’ll post entries here or on my other blog, The Rogues Gallery.  Chosen or not,  they’ll be immortalized forever –with credits, links, and anything else worth sharing.

Perhaps the best reason for crowd sourcing my next book cover is that it will be fun. Certainly for me. Hopefully for you. Yet “fun” is an abstract motivator, so I’m putting skin in the game. The person with the winning design gets an Ipad. And not just any Ipad. My Ipad. Virtually untouched, it’s the best one Apple makes: WI-FI-3G, 64GB. As you know, these cost over eight hundred dollars. For some dumb-ass reason, I’m just not using it. So, it’s yours if I pick your design.

What's mine is yours!

How it works: Examine the synopsis and start reading chapters. Submit your design anytime via JPEG or PDF to (Book size is roughly 6″ x 9″ but that can be worked out later.) Designs may be illustration or photography. Your design must be legally usable by me any way I see fit: book cover, advertisements, publicity, website, etc…

The contest goes on until just after final chapter is published. If you have questions, please write me at the above email address. If you have insecurities, get over them. I did.

Good luck!

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